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Association based on the aim to purse the development, the knowledge, the study and the diffusion of the silurus glanis fishing, imposing the "catch and release". Web site to refer to for completeness on wels information. With Yuri Grisendi.
International association based on the aim to educate people to pursue in a manner consistent with sound sporting and conservation that wants to create and maintain the ethical fishing rules that would be accepted throughout most of the world.
Three fishermen that have decided to share their experiences. Their aim is to promote and protect the silurus glanis in the freshwater of middle Italy.
Web site created by young people which is totally dedicated to fishing. The aim is to answer the most common questions of experts or unskilled fishermen.

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Flight Band web site. Big jazz band from San Donato Milanese (MILANO) that has set itself, from many years, a mission: To spread the listerning of the afro-american music, undressing it of that breeze of "authorized persons only" that often is attached to it. Making it know through the emotional connection of live performances.