Hi, my name is Michele and I live on the North East of Italy in a small town situated on the Po riverside. Thanks to this lucky location me, and a group of friends and neighbours, have been able to fish our entire life and for the last ten years or so for giant cats (Silurus Glanis).

I love this sport so much that I hope one day I will be able to dedicate my whole time to it. I find it both relaxing, as you are totally encircled by a beautiful , almost incontaminated nature, great fun and an adrenalin booster...when you catch the "big one".

My personal record includes a cat 236 cm long (but the 250 cm cat won't be long!). I had to fight with it a few hours from ground but, finally it came out of the water for a nice picture with me and my mum.

I won't bore you describing right now my technique or the tackle and baits I use, but I would be fairly happy to answer any of your enquires through e-mail.

I do also remind all of you that Emilia Romagna is a wonderful region full of good food, wine, and interesting places to visit.

With cheap trans atlantic air fares now available why don't you come over and give a cats a go while you enjoy a nice vacation?

Perhaps we could also meet up and I will directly show you what I've learned through years of experience and trips with all kind of people.

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Please note:
This web site promotes the "CATCH and RELEASE" therefore the pictures of catches do not represent fishes apparently dead or in obvious painful condition.